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Dubai is one of the best places to buy jewellery, offering tax-free prices and certificates along their precious jewellery and importing precious metals and gemstones only from trusted resources. Here, you can find literally hundreds of great brands, selling either their self-crafted jewellery or serve as local traders for other international jewellers, making always sure to follow the latest trends in terms of design and quality. In our article, we would like to explore the best places in Dubai for you to purchase high quality diamond necklaces.

The ambitious emirate of Dubai has been transforming itself into being a gold and diamond empire, in terms of trading, in the past decades. Due to its great situation, Dubai has continuously been in connection with the best importers of precious metals, such as gold, silver, bronze and platinum and of precious gemstones, such as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Governed by the committee of DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) the trading of precious jewellery, both in form of jewellery and wholesale in form of loose gemstones and gold bars is held under great control and helps to flourish the market of Dubai, which has been preparing the ground to stay on the top even after its oil resources exhaust.

As for the latest trends in jewellery, diamonds have never been more fashionable to wear than these years. Therefore, almost every Dubai brand offer great diamond necklaces and diamond necklace sets for its customers, both as casual pieces to wear during the day or special creations especially for the evening or for special occasions. However if you want to save time for yourself, you would definitely go to places where you can find multiple sorts of brands offering different variations of diamond necklace sets all in one. Let us see the key places in Dubai to buy great quality jewellery:

Dubai Gold and Diamond Park: raised and managed by the huge Emaar Properties, the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is a unique complex built to provide complex all-in-one services for jewellers who can this way have both their workshops and their selling area in one place, saving themselves great amounts of money. Apart from looking around for buying jewellery, the complex has a nice dining area and keeps conferences and various meetings regularly. You can find around 100 jewellery stores within the complex, some of them being top brands of Dubai. The park has also become popular for tourists for selling great replicas of top brands’ signature collections, made of precious metals all the same. Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is a great place for you to check out on all sorts of beautiful diamond necklace collections at Al Liali Jewellery, Passion Jewellers, Cara Jewellers, Damas Jewellery and Dhamani Jewellers among so many others. Among the upper mentioned brands, several are held as experts in terms of diamond necklace collections. These include al Liali, Damas and passion Jewellers, each one representing outstanding diamond necklace sets.

Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is much liked for tourists because it is very close to the touristic area of Jumeirah, you can easily get there by Metro. Also, due to totally air conditioned shopping area it is cosy and comfortable to walk around. Here you can find all diverse sorts of diamond necklace sets and necklaces in great designs. This makes the complex a must visit place. Local jewellery in the shopping has special items and collection on sale every day of the week.